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Tobique took quick response to the Covid-19 pandemic, suspending many of it’s social gatherings and businesses moving down to essential staff in March of 2020.  Following the government of New Brunswick guidelines, we additionally created a check point at the entrance of the reserve to monitor and restrict Tobique off to non-essential visitors and began screen residents coming in as well implementing a curfew.


At the advise of the Neqotkuk Health Center, a plan to protect elders and those vulnerable to the virus were developed, kits were delivered to all community members which included PPE (personal protection equipment) hand sanitizer and cleaning products. Tobique encouraged it’s residents to learn and promote identifying Covid-19 symptoms, and follow recommended safety guidelines including social distancing.


To date, all of this has proved an effective strategy on reserve, as Neqotkuk continues to have zero cases of Covid in the community, and is committed to staying vigilant and keeping Covid out of the community. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused us to cancel our two major social events of the year, both the annual Neqotkuk Powwow and part of the Labour Day festivities for 2020.


The band is slowly opening up again, lifting curfew and allowing visitors who check-in at the check point.  The different departments devised Covid-19 operational plans and implemented them to resume services and make a smooth transition. The Gaming Center is now open, as well as other band owned businesses, but still asks everybody to use social distancing and other advised safety protocols when possible.


More in-depth information and updates from Tobique regarding Covid-19, please visit our Facebook page:

Tobique Covid-19 Information Page



Tobique’s Covid-19 response was also noted in CBC news and The Globe & Mail articles:

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Tobique Convenience & Gas Bar Now Hiring

Tobique Convenience & Gas Bar Now Hiring

The Tobique Reserve is located on the north side of the Tobique River. The reserve comprises two lots (The Brother’s # 18, 4 ha; Tobique # 20, 2724 ha). The Tobique Reserve, established in 1801 with nearly 20,000 acres, was granted after a petition to the government by band members. Over the years, the reserve was reduced by surrenders to squatters and a major surrender in 1892. Roughly two-thirds of members of the Tobique First Nation reside on the reserve lands.