Income Assistance
Tobique First Nation’s Income Assistance is commited to providing finacial assistance to persons and families in need.

Our goal is to facilitate their movement towards independence and self sufficiency both within and outside the community. 

Tobique Income Assistance is located at:

278 Main Street, Tobique First Nation NB E7H 2Y8


Director:           Jessica Sappier


Office:               (506) 273-5423

Fax:                    (506) 273-5458

Mi’kmaq Wolastoqiyik Social Development Program

The impact from historical oppression by the government of Canada through broken treaties, the Indian Act and the forced removal of First Nations children has caused ongoing trauma and significant losses of culture and tradition in First Nation communities.

Because of this oppression, many First Nation individuals have experienced struggles that could prevent them from maintaining employment, educational training, etc. Our Mi’kmaq Wolastoqiyik First Nation Social Development Program is there to assist our members to meet their basic needs. Our vision and objective are to further improve the quality of life for our NB First Nation communities by supporting their well-being using a holistic approach.

The overall objective of the Mi’kmaq Wolastoqiyik First Nation Social Development Policy is to provide financial assistance to persons in need and to facilitate their movement towards independence and self-sufficiency within a healthy community.

Core objectives of this program include:

  • assisting individuals and families to gain or regain self-support and to become self-reliant to the extent their individual circumstances permit.
  • supporting the economic and social development of the community as a whole.
  • supporting individuals and families to develop skills and abilities that will enable them to participate as fully in the economy and in their communities to the extent their individual circumstances permit.
  • ensuring not only that our people will have access to assistance on the same basis as other Canadians; but that they will have access on the basis of the culture, values and lifestyles, the unique problems and concerns, and the real economic circumstances that characterize our community.



Case Manager

Michael Sappier

(506) 273-5423

Homecare Supervisor/ Foodbank

Suzanne Sappier

(506) 273-5620






 Admin Assistant

Chantal Nicholas

(506) 273-5423


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