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Tobique First Nations Capital Department administers programs for the regular repairs and maintenance of the current housing stock, and community buildings, and the construction of residential homes.


The Capital Department oversees:


  • Public Tenders – construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Water and Sewage
  • Garbage Removal
  • Seasonal Plowing
  • Band Carpentry

Neqotkuk Housing Authourity

The Neqotkuk Housing Authority is the administration body which oversees the day to day operations of the Housing Program. This includes but is not limited to developing housing policies, advising Chief and Council on housing issues, and completing the applicant selection process.

Along with the Interim Capital Director Ken Moulton (Luther), our community Capital department has on staff a Housing Administrator – Richard Dingee. 

As the housing administrator his role is to facilitate, manage, and administer the housing programs and services on behalf of the Band. Richard also sits on and advises the housing committee (but not as a voting member).

Our Housing Comittee members consist of a diverse group of individuals the represent a cross-section of community members.

 The 3 main housing programs include:

  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) which is jointly administered between CMHC and the band and assists in the repair of the existing housing stock, both privately and band owned.
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) which offers Section 95 subsidized homes.
  • Individual Ministerial Loan Guarantees (Section 10) for individuals wishing to obtain a mortgage for building or buying their own home on reserve.

Descriptions of current housing stock:

  • Section 95
  • Band owned units (apartments)
  • Section 10
  • Privately owned Units (Certificate of Possession)
  • C-31 Units

Capital Director

Ken Moulton

Office:        (506) 273 – 5468

Cell:             (506) 273 – 7872


Housing Administrator

Kelly Bernard

Office:        (506) 426 – 0335



Administrative Assistant

Leah Dingee

Office:        (506) 273 – 5659




Snow Removal Management

Phone:        (506) 477 – 9046













































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