Wolastoqewiyik Healing Lodge

Mission Statement

As the wabanaki people, we acknowledge the need for each client to learn and practice the holstic approach to self-healing. We promote all aspects of the medicine wheel, which include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, values and beliefs passed down to us by our elders.


We, the staff at the Wolastoqewiyik Healing Lodge, believe addiction affects all aspects of the body, mind and spirit, which can be healed through a holistic process to reconnect to a presence greater then ourselves.


13309 Route 105, NB E7H 5K1


Community sweats are held every Sunday @ 2:00pm

Woman’s sweats are also offered. Dates do change, you can stay updated through our Facebook page @ Wolastoqewiyik HEALING lodge


Acupuncture is offered every monday afternoon at 2pm and every Wednesday at 10am

You may also contact Alison Sappier for and appointment

Support Groups

AA- Every Sunday @ 7pm in the video conference room at the Healing Lodge

GA- Every Thursday @ 6pm in the video room at the Healing Lodge

Women’s drum group meets every Monday night in the video conference room at the healing lodge at 6:30pm. New members ALWAYS welcomed!!!

Family Wellness

  • *Anger Managemen
  • *Healthy Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving -Discovering differences in ourselves(men/women)
  • Healing Shame
  • Handling Jealousy
  • Communication Styles
  • Intimacy issues
  • Stress Management
  • Understanding anger in ourselves/others
  • Sharing Responsibilities in a Relationshi
  • *Violence and Abuse Prevention Programs in School
  • *Community Workshops

In-Client Program

In recognition of the need for holistic healing, we have designed a program with a Traditional Cultural Component to accommodate the present day challenges of our people.

The program runs in 6-week cycles throughout the year.


*After care for client in treatment
*Outpatient services
*Auricular Acupunture
*Prevention programs in schools
*Community Workshops
*Support Groups



Paula McNally
Interim Manager of WHL
(506) 273-5461

Tatawnyha Nicholas:
Administration Assistant
(506) 273-5403

Kristen Deveau:
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
(506) 273-5519

Monique Nicholas:
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Wrap Around Opioid Project
(506) 273-5519



Rob Brewer:
Addiction Counseller CACII

Vince Nicholas:
Addiction Counseller CACII

Muskie Sockabasin:
Addiction Counseller


Alison Sappier:
Addiction Counseller CACII

Pasha Saulis:
Addictions Outreach Worker

Family Wellness

Mary Solomon:
BS, RSW Social Worker

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