Tobique Sunset Beach has recently undergone some major upgrades and improvements. The goal has been to make the beautiful space as user friendly as possible for everyone who wants to enjoy it. Our first objective was to consult the community to find what they wanted for the space. After careful thought and planning, Chief & Council took the first step towards building what our people wanted.

Our structures that now sit at the beach represent action. The riverside cabin will be used for point of sale for equipment rentals and display art work, and crafts, as well as provide restrooms. The building behind it is used for storage of the rental equipment. And the newly renovated Gazebo can be used for sitting and eating, special events, and drumming. These new permanent structures will last for generations to come.

With tourism interests on the rise, this is great time to not only provide ample recreational space for membership, but also open the doors to those who can respect our space and take in some raw beauty. We ask that all who come enjoy the beach leave it clean, and either stash their refuse in the appropriate bin or take it with them.

Soon all the facilities will be open for use and our community can enjoy our newly upgraded beach at the highest level.

Brad Sappier – Neqotkuk Councilor