The Wocawson Energy Project is located in Kings County, New Brunswick approximately 20 kilometers northeast of the town of Sussex. The site lies between Route 114 and Portage Vale on Provincial Crown Land. The Wocawson Energy Project consist of 5 turbines with an installed capacity of 20 MW (megawatts) being built.

This capacity is estimated to supply approximately 5,000 homes with electricity while offsetting 22,000-44,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The proposed project layout can be viewed in the document below. Note that the expansion turbines are subject to change, should that phase of the project move forward in the future.

The selected turbine for this project is the Enercon E27 Wind Turbine.

The installation for all 5 turbines is now complete and the project began operating in early December, 2020. The substation and transmission line have both been energized by NB Power. All turbines have begun spinning and are now fully operational.

The Wocawson Energy Project has garnered a lot of attention in the media, especially during the signing of the Power Purchase Agreement with NB Power. This is an important part of the development as this agreement allows the Wocawson Energy Project to sell the electricity it produces to the utility company. Please watch the following video was created to provide more information and background on the project.