Tobique Youth Center

The Tobique Youth Center is a non-profit organization that is staffed by two community members as well as 8 high school mentors. The centre is the heart of Tobique First Nation and its youth and provides a drug and alcohol free space where diverse youth can gather and call their own. We are proud to say that it has been standing for well over 20 years and currently has a board of community members who continue to work tirelessly to raise money to restore the facility so that we are able to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

The center takes pride in the new partnerships that it has developed with other youth focused organizations and continues to work towards its holistic vision of empowering youth, helping them reach their full potential, foster their personal and cultural identity, and create young leaders.

We are dedicated to modelling, promoting, and teaching leadership, teamwork, and community involvement in all that we do and take up any opportunity to offer or assist cultural, recreational, social, educational, and community activities, opportunities, or events.


Location:       268 Main St,  Tobique First Nation,  NB

Phone:             (506) 819-6666

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