Employment & Training

Tobique First Nation is the largest rural Maliseet community in NB. It is located in the northwestern part of the province, and rural communities with agriculture and forestry being the majority of employers in this region. While there is a decline in population in the surrounding communities, the majority is more of an older generation. On contrast, Tobique First Nation population is growing fast, and is a young based population.

Tobique First Nation Youth is comprised of nearly a third of the population of TFN consisting of individuals between the ages of 15-30. This growing segment of the population is in need of some skill development and direction. The program fosters a sense of purpose and self worth. The program intends to use this as a stepping stone on a path to employment in many different aspects in the wood manufacturing sector. These opportunities are assembly, to construction and added value products.[These opportunities exist within our community, but outside our community in rural and urban settings.]

Tobique First Nation has two employment counselors that provide assistance. They counsel and provide information to worker clients on all aspects of employment search and career planning. They also provide counseling and information to employer clients regarding human resource and employment issues. Duties include interviewing clients and to obtain employment history, educational background and career goals. Identify barriers to employment and assist clients with such matters as job readiness skills, job search strategies, writing resumes and preparing for job interviews. Advise employers on human resource and other employment related issues. Administer and interpret tests designed to determine the interests, aptitudes and abilities of clients. Assess need for assistance such as rehabilitation, financial aid or further vocational training and refer client to the appropriate services. provide established workers with information on maintaining a job or moving within the organization, dealing with job dissatisfaction or making a mid-career change.

Our employment counselors have the skills and knowledge to deliver effective employment services. They work with individuals, and sometimes with groups, in making wise career decisions by support and coaching the client with the career development process. They help their clients as an informed partner during the process to find the right type of job and overcome barriers. As informed partners the counselors collect and assess information about education, previous employment, experience, skills, interests, and personal information. The employment counselor encourages success while encouraging clients to become self sufficient. Employment counselors have excellent interpersonal skill. They have a thorough understanding of the world of work and up-to-date information about trends that affect the employment outlook.

13100 Route 105
Tobique First Nation, NB
E7H 3Y2


Director of Employment & Training

Erica Craft
Phone: (506) 273-5533


Administrative Assistant

Casondra Sappier
Phone: (506) 273-5533


Employment & Training Officer

Katie Augustine

Phone: (506) 273-5533



 GED Program

The Tobique Adult Learning Centre is located downstairs at the Tobique Employment and Training Centre Building. We provide academic upgrading and GED preparation for community members 18 years and older, however, one must be 19 years of age or older to write the GED tests. The program runs from September to May every year. The training is free and includes a common assessment of learners and small class sizes. Learners will start at their own skill level and work at their own pace. Flexible schedules allow adults to attend either full or part time. This program provides a maximum of 30 classroom hours per week. If life or work schedules do not allow attendance in the classroom, some learners might benefit from the GED Online courses. The online courses are designed for those adults who have upgraded their skills and are now preparing for the GED test. Certain prerequisite skills are required to take the GED Online course, but learners have this option available to them.

The Tobique Community Adult Learning Program represents a three way funding and delivery partnership between government, the private sector and communities. Our programs are designed to meet adult learners’ particular needs and those of the community. Learners may qualify for financial assistance if they are on Social Assistance or Unemployment Benefits.

GED tests are administered at different times throughout each session. There are a number of testing sites in the province, with Woodstock and Fredericton being the closest. There are five tests to pass in order to receive the GED diploma and these tests are written over a two day period. The GED tests are: Language Arts Writing, Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Essay, Social Studies, Science and Math. There is no fee for the first time writing the GED tests. Any section that is not passed is eligible for a rewrite. The re-write fee is $40. All GED tests, except for the Essay, are multiple choice in nature.

For more information or to sign up for classes, please contact Basil Kazakos at (506) 273 – 5599 or Email:

Daycare Services

Michelle Daigle, Manager

Contact: (506) 273-5426



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